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Sol Colibrí is the most creative interaction given today to retailers and consumers of fair traded products to make a real investment in an organization that works directly with Organic farmers in Costa Rica

Sol Colibrí gives you the generous opportunity to support directly our quest to transform the relationships between the farmers , their products and conscious consumers and their investments.

When you buy Sol Colibrí Products you accomplish with us the following:

  1. Investing in small organic family farmers directly.
  2. Supporting the local economy of the places where the products are grown.
  3. Helping the farmers manufacture added value products
  4. Creating a more afficient relationship between farmers and consumers (Farm Direct Products).
  5. Rewarding the true care takers of the land and its ecosystems
  6. Sponsoring the most important Organization of Organic Farmers in Costa Rica
  7. Co-creating an economic system that fulfills the true aims of the Fair Trade Movement and goes beyond its expectations.
  8. Increasing the number of Organic Farmers in our Countries (Our Reality)